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Jamo Sodiq

CEO, Outsiders

“Emailing with @Bottleking customer service to increase the tip for the wonderful driver that had to deal with my face mask and my “there’s a huge spider at the door” screams. Bottles delivered and spider removed. I am calmed. A KING. 😂”

Tochi Williams

Director, Raider

“honestly idk how I’ve managed to live my 20s without @Bottleking #lifesaver”

Blog Posts

Tequila: The King of Nightlife

Sep 25th, 2023

Tequila: The King of Nightlife

You've probably noticed that tequila has been the life of the party for a while now. It's like the "cool kid" at school who everyone wants to hang out with. Remember when "Do ri me" became the nightlife anthem? That's when the tequila revolution started. And now, in 2023, it's all about Azul, Casamigos, and 1942 running the show. Tequila isn't just a drink; it's a status symbol. Ordering a bottle of tequila is like saying, "I'm here to have a blast!" It's basically like showing off your party g

The wonders of Vodka

Sep 12th, 2023

The wonders of Vodka

Ready to have your minds blown? Are you sure? Because we're about to spill some tea! We all love vodka, and agree it's a 10/10 drink. But guess what? Vodka isn't just for sipping; it has some surprising tricks up its sleeve! Let's dive right in. Got a stubborn stain that's giving you a hard time? Fear not, because vodka is here to save the day. Vodka is like a stain superhero, capable of defeating ink, lipstick, and other oil-based stains. Just get a bottle of vodka; it can be Ciroc, Absolut,

Sep 8th, 2023

The watch party edition

If you're anything like us, your British accent has been in hibernation since the end of season 4 of Top Boy in 2022. Fortunately, Top Boy is back, so it's time to dust off your British accent because we're certain this season is going to be a roller coaster ride. One fantastic way to celebrate the return of this epic show is by hosting a watch party with your friends, and we all know the essential ingredient for a watch party is a good selection of drinks! Whether it's Hennessy, Casamigos, Cor