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Jamo Sodiq

CEO, Outsiders

“Emailing with @Bottleking customer service to increase the tip for the wonderful driver that had to deal with my face mask and my “there’s a huge spider at the door” screams. Bottles delivered and spider removed. I am calmed. A KING. 😂”

Tochi Williams

Director, Raider

“honestly idk how I’ve managed to live my 20s without @Bottleking #lifesaver”

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May 14th, 2024


Hey guys, It feels like this year is on a sprint because how is it May already??? Screaming because it feels like I was yelling out "HAPPY NEW YEAR" like 2 days ago!! Anyway, today I saw a tweet saying "The Geminis are defrosting, Crazy people'' and as a Gemini, I really have no idea what we did to the whole world but ejor, forgive us. Anyways back to what I was saying, Summer is at the corner and we have just the right summer cocktails for you to enjoy while having fun at the beach, at a re

Apr 22nd, 2024

Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day, party people! Living in Nigeria means our contribution to keeping a clean environment/ world isn’t as huge as we would like it to be, but nonetheless, today we are parking the party bus for a while and getting on the “Every day should be Earth Day” bus... It’s a really long name, we know 😭, but that’s not the point. Okay, let’s just focus on the goal behind it. A major way to contribute to a clean environment is by recycling, and yes, this includes liquor bottles (we just had

Apr 17th, 2024

What’s In The French 75

Hi guys, If you’re like us and you’re chronically online, you must’ve seen the video of someone pouring gin into a pot of swallow😵‍💫. Now, we gotta admit, the whole gin-swallow idea is pretty out there (and by "pretty out there," we mean, "what were they thinking?"), but hey, points for creativity, right? But let’s be real, it just wouldn’t work, especially because the alcohol would evaporate faster than a chocolate bar at a kid’s birthday party due to the heat. But hey, this isn’t Chemist