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Jamo Sodiq

CEO, Outsiders

“Emailing with @Bottleking customer service to increase the tip for the wonderful driver that had to deal with my face mask and my “there’s a huge spider at the door” screams. Bottles delivered and spider removed. I am calmed. A KING. 😂”

Tochi Williams

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“honestly idk how I’ve managed to live my 20s without @Bottleking #lifesaver”

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Feb 19th, 2024

What’s new in liquor and night life?

Hey there, it’s your liquor and nightlife guru, Bottleking, “your go-to for all things liquor and nightlife.” thats a great motto right? if it wasn’t a thing before, we’ve definitely just made it a thing. Anyways, today we’re diving into the hottest bottles of liquor making waves at your favorite spots all around the city of Lagos. Let’s jump right in 😆 5. Martell: Whether it’s Blue Swift or XO, this cognac is sure to captivate you from the very first sip. It’s perfect on its own or on the ro

Feb 12th, 2024

Dom Pérignon Decoded🥂

We've all caught wind of Dom Pérignon at some point, right? It's like the talk of the town, the champagne equivalent of Beyoncé! But what sets it apart? What makes it the superstar among other champagnes? We might not be talking about tea ☕️ (which, honestly, we never are), but what the hell, right? let's spill some piping hot ☕️ Ever decided to go vintage shopping? One thing about vintage is how exquisite it is, whether it’s vintage furniture or vintage clothing. It’s fancy, it’s different, a

How to spot a fake bottle of Jack Daniel’s

Jan 19th, 2024

How to spot a fake bottle of Jack Daniel’s

Planning a chill Friday night with friends and your favorite drinks? Watch out for fake bottles that can harm your health and damage the brand's reputation. Big brands like Jack Daniels have ways to spot the real deal. In our Spot the Fake series, we'll share 4 simple signs to identify authentic Jack Daniels bottles. 1. Plastic Cork: Look for an original bottle with a plastic cork wrapped in a protective coat labeled “Old No. 7 brand.” Avoid metal corks on Jack Daniels drinks – they're likely