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Aug 16th, 2023


The English Premier League (EPL) is back! And we aren't a sports company so we don't know why we are so excited. However, the internet has a way of influencing people, and well, you could say we've  been influenced!

Luckily for you, we know a whole lot about something that goes perfectly with soccer: alcohol (beer, to be exact)  and that's the only thing you need in your starter pack

Let's dive into it. If you're supporting Chelsea , also known as the Blues (are they still called the Blues?), now we just feel ancient. But if you're a Chelsea fan, Bud Light is the right pick for you. Drink this when your team is playing, and you'd have the best of luck (*blows powder*)..... On another thought, your team bought off nearly all the players, so we take our powder back!

Manchester United fans, Budweiser is for you. Hopefully, your heart doesn't get broken by your team, and if it does, squeeze that Budweiser can real tight 😩.

Arsenal supporters, White Claw would do just the trick when watching the game. Hopefully, your team claws out its opponent.

For Man City, you don't need luck. Your team is already the goat. You just need a can of Stelz. So sit back, sip on your drink, and enjoy!

Liverpool: Liverpool fans need a bottle of Sol. In fact, the pack with 4 bottles. Don't worry, we are not jinxing anything 🤞🏽.

Enjoy the Premier League season, and may the force be with your team! ⚽️🍻