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Happy Earth Day!!


Apr 22nd, 2024


Happy Earth Day, party people! Living in Nigeria means our contribution to keeping a clean environment/ world isn’t as huge as we would like it to be, but nonetheless, today we are parking the party bus for a while and getting on the “Every day should be Earth Day” bus... It’s a really long name, we know 😭, but that’s not the point. Okay, let’s just focus on the goal behind it.

A major way to contribute to a clean environment is by recycling, and yes, this includes liquor bottles (we just had to insert ourselves 🤭). Anyways… here are a few easy steps to recycle properly:

  1. After enjoying your favorite drink, give the bottle a good rinse to get rid of any residue.
  2. Take off labels/stickers on your bottle; these are often recycled separately. This also goes for the cap/cork on your bottle.
  3. If you still want to make use of your bottle but just don’t know what exactly for, that’s absolutely fine. Get creative and use it as a flower vase or even a candle holder.

Once again, Happy Earth Day! Let’s get recycling ♻️💕.