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Casa Bardonecca Collezione Di Famiglia Aglianico Puglia 2020 75cl



Aglianico is the tough guy from the south of Italy. It was long thought that the grape is of Greek origin. However, DNA research shows that this characteristic grape is also a purebred Italian, which is related to that other giant from Italy: Nebbiolo. Right, the grape behind the powerhouse Barolo. Both grapes show great similarities. They guarantee complex wines with mature acidity and firm tannins - which are tamed by good winemakers - and notes of red fruit and Mediterranean herbs. That's why the Aglianico is also called the Nebbiolo of the south and wines the Barolos of the south. The grape is known as one of the most beautiful in the country and in terms of fame among wine connoisseurs, it has only Nebbiolo and Sangiovese to tolerate. Aglianico is lord and master of the regions of Campania,

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