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Glenfiddich IPA 70cl



We experiment and we collaborate. That’s how we continue to pioneer new kinds of single malt Scotch whisky. In a first for our industry, we got great people together to finish our India Pale Ale Cask with craft IPA beer. In order to finish our India Pale Ale Cask we first had to create a new craft beer. Malt Master Brian Kinsman, worked in collaboration with a Speyside who created the beer to season our casks We settled on a more traditional IPA craft beer, picked for its ability to imbue our oak casks with extra hoppy flavours to complement the whisky’s unique zesty citrus notes of ripe green apple, William’s pear and spring blossom.Glenfiddich has something very unique. It is a true family whisky, with our founder, William Grant, who saw the very first pure spirit flow in 1887, leading the way. Many of those traditions we still hold on to today such as insisting on using the same highland spring water and sculpting our copper stills to be exact replicas of those of our predecessors. The level of care a family gives, along with skill, drive and dedication, have been passed down to today’s generation. That’s five generations and over 130 years’ worth of whisky wisdom in every dram.

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